Hedkandi Legend & Godfather of Stylishouse


Andy Norman is well known for his contribution to building the global house brand, Hed Kandi from its creation for over 14 years, travelling the world bringing clubbers the house music sound.   With over 30 years of experience in the nightclub industry, Andy has a wealth of knowledge that he calls upon when booked for nightclub events.  From classic house sets, house, garage, disco or commercial, he is a fantastic all round DJ and is able to bring what the clubbers and promoters want for their night!

Whilst Andy is more commonly known for his work within the house music scene, he is well respected for playing numerous music styles and has an extensive catalogue of music to call on. He has played for some of the UK’s top recording artists such as The Pet Shop Boys and Jamiroquai. Andy regularly tunes into his love of soul music and is well respected in this side of the industry, often djing at cooler, more intimate events for Expansion Records and the Soul Network.

Andy’s ability to read a crowd and take them on a musical journey is unique and not only leaves clubbers with memories of a great night, but also one of the reasons promoters will often seek out his return. Andy is very well known for being one of the friendliest and down to earth professionals with in the club world.

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