Some photos from our latest event at Cider House Orchard, May 7th 2022

Some photos and a video from our event at Tao Bar,  February 12th 2022

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Events Calendar

(Latest Dates of some of our main events in 2022):


Date Event Venue

9th July

Tinwood Summer Party

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Tinwood (PO18 0NE)

10th September (TBC)

House Classics

Cider House Orchard (PO20 7EH)

More events added soon!


When it has to be the best

Stylishousevents are outstanding party planners who will add the WOW factor to your guest’s experience.  Life is defined by memorable events and we will make sure that your party delivers the ultimate in luxury and a truly memorable experience.

As complete party and event planners we do it all – from design and construction to catering. You deal with one person, make one booking and simply enjoy the perfect party. Our experience, expertise and efficiency combine with our professionalism, personality and passion for a party.

The result is a sensational event you’ll talk about for the rest of your lives.

Andy Norman DJ on Tour

Stylishousevents happened when a young man, Lee, was introduced to Hedkandi in his friend’s car, while they were driving to see their friend, who was on holiday, courtesy of Her Majesty the Queen in 2004.

Lee writes:

“From that day onwards l was hooked, collecting every album they released and following their events, both in the UK & Ibiza, from EL Divino to Space and Es Paradis.  

I had the privilege of having a Hedkandi DJ at my 40th birthday party (with the lovely Laura on sax), and at my wedding. Many great memories, including the Godfather of Hedkandi, Andy Norman, getting a lift back to his hotel with the bride & groom!

After organizing several Hedkandi events in West Sussex (for the first time) and forming a great friendship with the original line-up DJs, saxophonists and fellow musicians, I decided to set up organising my own events and other people’s birthdays, weddings and so forth, with them, to give an event experience that cannot be rivalled.”


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Our Stylishouse family …

The Godfather of Stylishouse and Hedkandi legend:

– Danny Rampling –

– Mark Doyle –

– Future Flex –

– Riordan –

– Pav Percussion –

– Elara –

– Florence –

– Romi Foxx –

– Rich Gravity –

– Emma Frampton –


on percussion…


share memories with us

Croucher’s Orchard, September 2021

Tinwood, July 2021

Private Parties

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A 40th Birthday celebration in Hove!

Preparing for the Party!

Moments from the event

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